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Master of Science in Chemistry, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, June 1979

      Thesis - “Corrosion Inhibitors in Cast Iron-Seawater Systems”


Master of Business Administration, California State

             Polytechnic University, Pomona, June 1983



   Sylvia Hall Engineering (SHE), Escondido & Hacienda Heights, CA

              May 2014 to Present – Principal Corrosion Engineer

         ·     Directed, designed, and evaluated cathodic protection systems for prestressed concrete cylinder pipelines and steel pipelines.

         ·      Evaluated mortar lining in steel pipeline exposed to tertiary-treated wastewater.

         ·     Reviewed and evaluated designs of corrosion protection systems for steel pilings on bridge in marine conditions.

         ·     Prepared white paper on use of polyethylene encasement and bonded coatings for ductile iron pipe.

    HDR Engineering, Inc. (Schiff Associates), Claremont, CA

              August 2013 to May 2014 – Senior Corrosion Engineer

         ·     Directed, designed, and evaluated cathodic protection systems for prestressed concrete cylinder pipelines and steel pipelines.

         ·     Conducted condition assessment of cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos cement, and concrete pressure pipelines.

         ·      Evaluated mortar lining in steel pipeline exposed to tertiary-treated wastewater.

         ·     Reviewed designs of corrosion protection systems for reinforced concrete bridges and soil corrosivity reports.

         ·     Evaluated soil corrosivity data and prepared design reports based on results.


    Ameron International Corporation, South Gate, CA

               Jan. 1992 to July 2013 - Director of Ameron’s Engineering Development Center

         ·       Provided condition and failure analysis of numerous concrete and fiberglass pipe and poles.

         ·         Designed, developed, and implemented product    development, testing, and evaluation projects for concrete, steel, and fiberglass pipe and poles and protective coatings and linings.

         ·       Designed and conducted corrosion-related projects.

                     Cathodic protection criteria for prestressing wire and steel in concrete

               ◦      Hydrogen embrittlement of prestressing wire

                     Stray current effect on steel in concrete

                     Cathodic disbondment of coatings on steel

                     Corrosion inhibitors in concrete

                     Chloride penetration into mortar coatings and concrete with and without supplemental coatings, silica fume, and fly ash

                     Corrosion monitoring of concrete pressure pipelines

                     Coating selection for prestressed concrete poles in freeze-thaw conditions

                     Spray application requirements of 100% solids coal tar epoxy, polyurea, and polyurethane coatings on concrete and steel pipe

                     Extruded polyethylene coatings (Pritec) on steel pipe

         ·        Directed numerous ASTM tests required for product development such as parallel-plate, strain corrosion, chemical resistance, IMO level 3 fire tests, physical property tests, joint deflection, short term burst pressure, and hydrostatic design basis (HDB) tests.

         ·       Involved in product development projects such as PSX    (fire resistant) phenolic fiberglass pipe, Steel Strip Laminate (SSL) pipe, Reinforced Polymer Mortar Pipe (RPMP), and PressureCast Steel Pipe (PCSP).

         ·      Served on technical committees in engineering associations such as NACE International, AWWA, ACPPA, and SWPMTAC.

         ·       Managed and directed BA-, MS-, and PhD-degreed engineers and technicians, research and development projects, and research facility.

         ·       Provided Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) training and oversight.


               May 1983 to December 1991 - Corrosion Engineer, Sr. Corrosion Engineer

          ·     Responsible for corrosion programs and providing corrosion engineering support to all operating units. Numerous studies on corrosion, corrosion control, and cathodic protection of concrete pressure pipe and prestressed concrete poles, cathodic protection and disbondment of protective coatings, and chemical resistance of fiberglass pipe.


      Lockheed Aircraft Services, Carlsbad, CA

               June 1979 to March 1981

       Lockheed Missiles& Space Corp., Sunnyvale, CA

               March 1981 to June 1982

          ·     Conducted lab and field studies on cathodic protection potential criteria requirements of elevated temperature offshore oil pipelines for American Gas Association (AGA), finite element modeling of cathodically protected structures, calcareous deposit development, and platinum-niobium anode material selection.

       Occidental Petroleum Corporation, La Verne, CA

              Nov. 1974 to Sept. 1976

          ·  Analyzed solutions using atomic absorption (AA) spectroscopy, specific ion electrodes, Karl Fischer, X-ray, and various wet chemistry methods.



Professional Corrosion Engineer in the States of California and Massachusetts

NACE Cathodic Protection Specialist (CP 4)



     NACE International - 1980 to present.

     ·       Board of Directors, Western Area Director (March 2012 to March 2015)

     ·       Chair TG 019 which is responsible for producing SP0100 “Cathodic Protection to Control External Corrosion of Concrete Pressure Pipelines and Mortar-Coated Steel Pipelines for Water and Waste Water Service” (1997 to present)

     ·       Chair TG 048 which is responsible for producing SP0408 “Cathodic Protection of Reinforcing Steel in Buried and Submerged Reinforced Concrete Structures” (2005 to present)

      ·       Chair and Vice Chair of STG 01 - Reinforced Concrete (2008-2013)

      ·       Education Chair for Los Angeles Section (2004 to present)

      ·       Chair and Vice Chair of steel corrosion in concrete        symposium (2009-2011)

      ·       Chair of corrosion in water and wastewater industries symposium (1994)

      ·       Western Area Conference - Chair (2002), Education Chair  (2009), Technical Chair (1997)

      ·       Los Angeles Section Officer (1996-2002)

      ·       Western Area Board of Trustees Officer (2003-2007) 

      ·       Western States Corrosion Seminar Officer (1992-present)

      ·      Nominating Committee (2007-2010)

      ·     American Concrete Pressure Pipe Association (ACPPA) - 1984 to 2013


      American Water Works Association (AWWA) - 1984 to


       ·       Corrosion Control Committee Chair (2015-2018)

       ·       Corrosion Control Committee Secretary (2012-2015)

       ·       M27 Corrosion Control Workshop Speaker (2014)

       ·       Corrosion Control Session Moderator(ACE14/ACE15)

       ·       Steel Water Pipe Manufacturers Technical Advisory

             Committee, SWPMTAC (2011- 2013)

       ·       Corrosion Control Workshop Speaker (2004)


       American Chemical Society (ACS) - 1978 to present

       ASCE - 2012 to present

       ASTM - 2013 to present

Awards:  2001 NACE Distinguished Service Award

                 2004 California State Polytechnic University Pomona

                          Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award

                 2010 NACE Western Area Richard F. Stratfull Service


                 2018 NACE Technical Achievement Award



        ·  Western States Corrosion Seminar - Annually from 1986

        · NACE International CORROSION/94, /96, /98, /99

        ·  NACE section meetings & Conferences:

           Arizona, British Columbia, Cal Poly Pomona U Student

           Section (4 times), Los Angeles (3), Portland, Puget Sound,

           San Diego (2), South Idaho/Eastern Oregon (SIEO)/NACE

           Symposium (2), Rocky Mountain Corrosion Short

           Course, Western Area Conferences (8)

        ·  American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Pipeline

           Conferences (6)

        ·  AWWA Conference Corrosion Workshop (2)

        ·  Cal Poly Pomona Professor for a Day - Winter/Spring

           Quarter 2000 to present

        ·  SSPC Annual Conference (1)